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Date added: 2024-05-06

Gdańsk Tech at educational fairs in Uzbekistan

Gdańsk Tech at educational fairs in Uzb
From April 16th to 19th, delegates  of Gdańsk Tech represented the university at educational fairs in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Gdańsk Tech was present at the booth organized by the Education Foundation PERSPEKTYWY.

For Polish universities, participation in the fairs in the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, was an excellent opportunity to strengthen their presence in the very promising Uzbek market, which has been a priority direction of international cooperation for years, as clearly shown by the numbers: in the academic year 2017-2018, 340 students from Uzbekistan studied in Poland, and by the year 2022-23, there were already over 2000. Students from Uzbekistan are among the leaders in terms of the number of international students in Poland – in the academic year, there were about 2.1 thousand of them – ranking 7th right after Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Zimbabwe, India, and Azerbaijan (source: POL-on).

Gdańsk Tech was represented at the Tashkent fair by prof. Christian Jungnickel, Rector's Representative for Cooperation with Asian Higher Education Institutions, and Rui Wang-Kwiecińska from the International Relations Office, where the Polish representation was organized by the Education Foundation PERSPEKTYWY, where several Polish universities were presented, led by Gdańsk Tech, University of Gdańsk and Jagiellonian University.

At the fair,  the representatives of Gdańsk Tech met with prospective students who were most interested in fields of study such as computer science, management, economics, and architecture. Prof. Christian Jungnickel and Rui Wang-Kwiecińska answered questions regarding the recruitment of international candidates, including deadlines, required documents, scholarships, and procedures for legalizing residence in Poland.

In addition to conversations with prospective students, prof. Christian Jungnickel and Rui Wang-Kwiecińska also met with authorities from Uzbek higher education institutions, including Profi University, with which Gdańsk Tech signed an agreement on student exchange during the visit in Uzbekistan. Profi University is a private institution with 6000 students. Across 13 faculties, the university offers studies in technical sciences, economics, social sciences, and medicine. The university operates in Tashkent and Navoi in the eastern-southern part of the country.

Prof. Christian Jungnickel and Rui Wang-Kwiecińska also met with representatives of other Uzbek higher education institutions present at the fair, including EMU University, Tashkent International University, and Turan International University. The discussions revolved around the possibility of establishing cooperation, especially in the area of student exchange.

-Certainly, Uzbekistan, as well as other countries in Central Asia, are interesting markets for Gdańsk Tech in terms of acquiring new cooperation partners - says prof. Christian Jungnickel.