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Application procedure



Qualification criteria for full-time and part-time first-cycle studies

The sum of the candidate's points in the following subjects is taken into account:

- mathematics,

- an additional subject,

- a modern foreign language.

Formula for calculating the candidate’s points:

W = mathematics* p + subject additional * p + 0,2 * foreign language * p

International candidates will have their state examination grades, entitling them to undertake studies in the country of issue, recalculated into points. If mathematics, an additional subject, or a foreign language were not taken in the state examination, the grades from the secondary school graduation certificate (excluding computer science) are recalculated. The method of recalculating the grades into points in a given country is established by the admission committee for international students.

The formula for calculating the candidate’s number of points should apply the following substitutions:


the number of points corresponding to the recalculated grade in mathematics exam

subject additional

the number of points corresponding to the recalculated grade in additional subject

language foreign

the number of points corresponding to the recalculated grade in a foreign subject

p = 1,0

for a state examination with a specified result in mathematics, an additional subject and a foreign language

p = 0,8

for a state examination without a specified result in mathematics and an additional subject

p = 0,6

for intramural examination and other than state examination and grades from the secondary school graduation certificate (excluding computer science)

Admission process Step-By-Step: 

Step 1: Offer Letter

1. Check the entry requirements in Resolution of the Gdańsk Tech Senat

2. Apply online at eRekrutacja during active intake. For winter semester intake will be open from May to July. 

3. Pay the application fee (non-refundable 85 PLN and for Architecture 150 PLN)

4. Submit entry documents:

  • Secondary School/ Marticulation Certificate (with Legalization or Apostille) which entitles you to apply for a bachelor degree in a country where the document was issued.
  • Obligation to finalize the Secondary Degree Recognition* after arrival to Gdańsk (and before starting the academic year) 
  • Statement of marks with an official grading system
  • Information about secondary degree (issued by Secondary School Authorities) confirming rights to apply for bachelor degree
  • English language certificate with an exception, if the candidate is from an English speaking country or previous education was conducted fully in the English language.
  • Portfolio - regards only candidates for BSc in Architecture

5. Wait for the assessment results 

 Step 2: Confirmation Letter

6. Pay tuition fee by the deadline given at Offer Letter (usually this is 2 weeks). 

 Step 3: Upon arrival to Gdańsk Tech for the Registration Week

7. Bring with you all mentioned above documents in the original paper version + one copy of each.

8. Bring with you Medical Insurance, passport and visa/resident permit.

9. Finalise Recognition of the secondary degree certificate*.

* Please schedule your arrival 2 weeks before the semester starting date, in order to finalize the official secondary degree recognition by Polish Authorities. The procedure takes approx. two weeks, is free of charge, and to be proceed at Gdańsk Education Authority. You will be guided by us on how to finalize the formality, however, please note, that the process is needful to register to Gdańsk Tech and obtain student status. 
Secondary Degree Certificates which are EXEMPTED from the recognition procedure: issued by China, Ukraine, Belarus and EU, EEA or OECD member states, International Baccalaureate, European Baccalaureate. 

10. Student status awarded - for newcomers International Student Guidebook might be helpful. 


Admission for bachelor degree: Resolution of the Senate of Gdańsk University of Technology (pdf, 290.20kB)

The conditions, procedure and deadlines for opening and closing the admission procedure  of candidates to the full-time and part-time first-cycle studies at Gdańsk University of Technology in the academic year of 2022/2023.