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Required documents


Register at eRekrutacja during an active intake, pay non-refundable 85 PLN (150 PLN for Architecture) application fee and submit scans of entry documents (issued in English or Polish or translated into English or Polish by the sworn translator + original language version):

1. Secondary School/Matriculation Certificate: entitling you to apply for bachelor's degree in a country where the certificate was awarded and a statement of marks with an official grading scale.

2. Statement of obligation to complete degree recognition process: confirmation that you have been informed of the necessity to complete the process of Secondary School diploma recognition. Please note that it is obligatory to submit an original version of the certificate of recognition of the secondary school diploma.
Sample to download: Statement of obligation to complete degree recognition process (pdf, 182.56kB)

Please schedule your arrival 2 weeks before the semester starting date, in order to finalize the official secondary degree recognition by Polish Authorities. The procedure takes approx. two weeks, is free of charge, and to proceed at Gdańsk Education Authority. You will be guided by us on how to finalize the formality, however, please note, that the process is needful to register to Gdańsk Tech and obtain student status. 
Secondary Degree Certificates which are EXEMPTED from the recognition procedure: issued by China, Ukraine, Belarus and EU, EEA or OECD member states, International Baccalaureate, European Baccalaureate. 
For recognition purposes your docuemnts will need to be translated to Polish language by sworn translator (find sworn translator at the official govermental website). 

3. Eligibility Letter: in case your Secondary School/Matriculation Certificate has no information about eligibility to apply on its basis for I cycle (bachelor) studies, the candidate is obliged to submit additional document - Confirmation of entitlements issued by the school authorities to undertake first-cycle (bachelor) studies in the country where the secondary school diploma was issued. Please note, that the eligibility letter does not state if the candidate is eligible for a bachelor degree in Poland, but in the country where the school diploma was issued
Sample to downloadEligibility letter.pdf (pdf, 180.43kB)

4. Legalization/Apostille made at Secondary School/Matriculation Certificate - the validation of the document for international usage. 

If the certificate was issued by the country which is a part to The Haque Convention - that means you need to provide Apostile, otherwise a legalization stamp by the Embassy of Republic of Poland in the country where the certificate was issued or Consul of your Country in Poland. This is important to start the legalization procedure as soon as possible, in order not to miss the admission deadlines. 

In case you are not able to provide it before the registration deadline, please upload the statement of obligation to submit the Apostille/legalization without delay. Sample to downloaddeclaration on lack of legalisation or apostille.docx (pdf, 152.89kB)

5. International English Certificate confirming English proficiency at least B2 level or Statement issued by secondary school authorities confirming English as a medium of instruction during secondary education. 
International English certificates confirming proficiency at least B2 level, according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, especially issued by following institutions:

Cambridge Assessment English:
IELTS Academic - min. 6.0 
B2 First (FCE) - min. B

C1 Advanced (CAE) – min. C
C2 Proficiency (CPE) – min. C
B2 Business Vantage (BEC Vantage) – min. B
C1 Business Higher (BEC Higher) – min. C

Educational Testing Service (ETS)

TOEFL iBT – min. 72

TOEIC – min. 785

LanguageCert International ESOL:

B2 Communicator

SERMO Association of Academic Centers for Teaching Foreign Languages: ACERT - min. B2

Pearson Test of English Academic

(PTE Academic): min. 59

Politechnika Gdańska/Gdańsk University of Technology:  
B2 level confirmation, available online, which is two-step procedure:

- Duolingo test online – in case the candidate with a result higher than 100 – is qualified for the next step ->
- online interview with Gdańsk Tech Foreign Language Centre. 

Please note, that Duolingo charges for the online exams. Gdańsk Tech fee for the certificate issuance is 100 PLN.

Exemptions from providing the English proficiency confirmation are: holders of International Baccalaureate Diploma or European Baccalaureate Diploma; citizens of the countries, where English is the only official language.

6. Photo (passport format) 

7. Portfolio - (ONLY for candidates for BSc in Architecture)

The portfolio should contain: 5-10 works done personally by the candidate in any technique, A3 format, including minimum: 2 black and white drawings of human figures, 1 drawing of a composition composed of geometrical solids, 1 architectural drawing, other works on any subject. Regardless of providing digital version during the admission process, the printed version must be submitted during registration week.

8. regards ONLY minor candidates (under 18 years): Consent of the statutory representative.pdf (pdf, 311.92kB)

A complete set of entry documents as the original paper version is expected to be submitted after your arrival to Gdańsk during Registration Week.