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Date added: 2023-05-12

Digitally signed insurance (RMUA) and tax (PIT) documents for PhD students


At the request of our Payroll Office and the Gdańsk Tech Helpdesk Team we would like to inform you that access to the Employee application has been temporarily enabled for all users in the Moja PG system. Within the application, you can download digitally signed:

  • insurance (RMUA) documents - this is for the insured PhD student to check and confirm with the facts the social and health insurance contributions and benefits paid for him/her due to receiving a doctoral scholarship which is a subject for insurance contributions (you are not obliged to take any steps except for downloading the documents)
  • tax (PIT) documents - this is only for the scholarships granted to a PhD student which are subject to tax income and therefore have been taxed by the university and need to be reported based on PIT-11 to the tax authority while submitting an annual return (before introducing this functionality those PhD students who received such scholarships were sent hardcopies of such PIT-11 forms for years 2019-2022)

by going to Payments -> eDocuments.

If you encounter any problems related to downloading the documents, please do not hesitate to contact the HelpDesk team by filling out the form available on zgł

We would like to kindly request that you download the mentioned documents as soon as possible.