EIRU Programs

Programs for scientists of Gdańsk University of Technology are part of the university's implementation of the tasks resulting from the ‘Excellence Initiative - Research University’ program.

They support, among others:

  • scientists obtaining prestigious international grants,

  • they enable co-financing of publishing activities or financing the costs of scientific research and the development of young scientists in areas compatible with the activities of the Gdańsk Tech priority research area centers.

Programs available for PhD students:


EIRU Project Implementation Team

Monika Wieczerzak, Ph.D. Eng.
phone.: 58 348 65 82, 509 522 536

Magdalena Masa, M.Sc.
phone: 573 337 142, 58 348 65 82

Maciej Tuliński, M.Sc.
phone: 797 307 168, 58 348 65 82

Other contact details.