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STER Project

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Financing institution: Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange

Funding: PLN 1,999,080.00
Start date: 4.01.2021
End date: 30.09.2023

Project title: „STE(E)R-ING towards International Doctoral School” / „STERowanie w kierunku Umiędzynarodowienia Szkoły Doktorskiej” (akronim: GUT Beyond Borders, umowa nr PPI/STE/2020/1/00023/U/00001).

Programme title: “STER - Internationalisation of Doctoral Schools”

The main objective of the Programme is to support on a systemic basis the internationalisation of doctoral schools. The Programme is addressed to Polish institutions that run doctoral schools and have experience in admitting foreigners to studies or providing education to them and coordinate or participate in international exchange programmes for doctoral students.

The aim of the project is to: internationalise the Doctoral School, in particular:

  1. to improve the quality of education and the quality of doctoral students' research by taking advantage of international experience in this field;

  2. to increase the international mobility of doctoral students;

  3. to develop internationalisation activities 'at home';

  4. to promote long-term cooperation with other doctoral schools from abroad;

  5. to attract foreign doctoral students and supervisors from abroad;

  6. scholarship support for doctoral students pursuing doctoral projects in international cooperation and aiming to obtain a joint degree or double degree.

The project will be implemented through:

The results of the project include: 

The expected long-term effects and benefits of the project will include: