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Individual research proposal


The Individual Research Proposal includes:  
  • definition of the research topic and the goal,
  • plan and schedule of research covering the full period of training in the doctoral school with an indication of measurable achievements (milestones) to assess work progress and and potential sources of funding for the activities,
  • indication of the date of submitting the doctoral dissertation, within the training period of the doctoral school,
  • a plan and timeline for publication of the research results,
  • the assignment of learning outcomes to particular elements of the research proposal – in accordance with the requirements of level of the Polish Qualification Framework (PQF), describing knowledge, skills and social competences by means of general characteristics of the scope and degree of complexity, required from persons holding qualifications at this level, confirmed by a doctoral diploma and specified in the curriculum (Doctoral Training Programme) at the Doctoral School at Gdańsk University of Technology (hereinafter referred to as the 8th Polish Qualification Framework). 

The Individual Research Proposal (IRP) must be prepared in English. The IRP must be agreed upon with the supervisor or supervisors, and evaluated by the auxiliary supervisor provided that the auxiliary supervisor has been appointed.  

In order to fill in or amend the IRP a PhD student should fill in the word template of IRP available at our website > For PhD students > Downloads > Templates. Please indicate in the text that this is an update of the initial IRP.


Assigning elements of the research proposal to learning outcomes (table in section 4 of the Individual Research Proposal).
  • The symbols for first and second stage descriptors of 8th level PQF are described in details in Doctoral Training Programme of Doctoral School at Gdansk University of Technology - 3. Learning outcomes.
  • At the same time, symbols that are related to the Individual Research Proposal are listed in point 3 (The teaching module developing professional skills involving scientific research presentation and participation in the international circulation of science (preparing doctoral students for a job involving research or research and development), conducted under the scientific supervision of a supervisor in relation to the individual research proposal of a doctoral student) in connection with point 4 (Midterm evaluation) of the table with the written the Doctoral Training Programme (page 6-7 of the document). These are the following symbols (codes):
    1. Point 3 of Training programme: P8U_W, P8S_WG, P8U_U, P8S_UK, P8S_UO, P8U_K, P8S_KK
    2. Point 4 of Training programme: P8U_W, P8S_WG, P8S_UW, P8S_KR

These learning outcomes should be included in section four (Assigning elements of the research proposal to learning outcomes) of the Individual Research Proposal. Please note that outcomes: P8U_W, P8U_U, P8U_K belong to  First Stage Descriptors and the others to Second Stage Descriptors.

Elements of the Research Proposal in Section 4 of the Individual Research Proposal (IPB) must be correlated to 'research tasks' (and the 'results of research activity' assigned to them), which are listed in section 3 of the IPB.

An element of the research proposal can be e.g. a conference paper or a publication

§16 Procedure of submission and amendment of the individual research proposal (as per regulations of our doctoral school):

1. A doctoral student shall present an individual research proposal to the School Director within 12 months of starting doctoral training at the Doctoral School.
2. A doctoral student may update their individual research proposal once in a second year and once in the following year of doctoral training at the School:
1) until the end of September for PhD students starting their doctoral training from the winter semester,
2) until the end of March for PhD students starting their doctoral training from the summer semester.
3. A doctoral student shall submit an update of their individual research proposal each time they apply for an extension of their training, in accordance with §23 para. 6.
4. The update of the research proposal must meet the requirements specified in §15.

The IRP and its updates are submitted electronically.

To submit the IRP or an update of IRP and get signatures which are needed, please use the MojaPG system -> Student -> eDocuments.  Instructions for using the eDocuments (forms) is also available at our webpage > For PhD students > Downloads > Templates.

[1st year] Individual Research Proposal eDocument is assigned automatically to all 1st-year doctoral students by the school office, whereas the circulation of eDocument named [2nd and 3rd year] UPDATE of Individual Research Proposal (in case of amendments) in the system is initiated by the doctoral student. Therefore, PhD student should pick and add to his/her account such eDocument.