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Doctoral training at the Doctoral School:

  • is based on the doctoral training programme and individual research proposals,
  • is interdisciplinary,
  • is conducted in modules,
  • is held on English.

Implementation of the doctoral training programme 
  • in the case of elective courses, the doctoral student presents a list of courses from the didactic offer of the Doctoral School or other entities, approved by the supervisor. In the case of choosing courses which have not been included in the educational offer of the Doctoral School, a consent of the School Director or an authorized Coordinator is required.
  • in the case when the number of doctoral students enrolled for the course is less than 3, or in the case of classes financed from external funds - less than the number specified in the relevant regulations, the course may not be implemented. If this course is obligatory, it is guaranteed to be launched in the next academic year.
  • if, in accordance with the doctoral training programme, a doctoral student has to complete courses to make up the curricular differences, he/she is obliged to complete them within the time limit. 

Completion of doctoral training elements

The Doctoral School does not use the system of ECTS credits, and settlement of the doctoral training programme implementation takes place on an hourly basis. The conditions for passing the course are determined by the teacher in consultation with doctoral students at the beginning of the course. 

In order to pass the current training period (year of study), the doctoral student has to:

  • obtain positive credits for the courses he was obliged to complete during this period, 
  • conduct classes (teaching practice – as a teaching fellow or a teaching assistant), appointed by the head of the organizational unit conducting the discipline, with first and / or second degree students, in accordance with the requirements set out in the curriculum of the Doctoral School - the way they are conducted is assessed (positively or negatively) by another teacher,
  • complete courses in due teaching load,
  • prepare and update an individual research proposal, according to the model defined by the School Director, 
  • submit a report on the progress of scientific work (once a semester for first-year doctoral students, and once a year for doctoral students above first year) to the School Director, according to the model defined by the School Director, 
  • get a positive supervisor’s assessment,
  • take active participation in the department / faculty / institute seminars as well as in the annual doctoral seminar, in the manner specified by the School Director or the Coordinator,
  • conduct active publication activity, 
  • after the second year of doctoral training take part in the mid-term evaluation resulting in positive assessment.

Possibilities for changes in the implementation to the Programme of Study by the doctoral student

Doctoral Training Programmes (curriculum)

Every PhD student performing PhD training at the Doctoral School can check the status of passing subjects on their account in the MojaPG system - Link to CUI instructions

At the same time, we would like to remind you that the status of passing subjects should be compared with the requirements described in the doctoral training programme.

Please follow the doctoral training programme relevant for the edition of your admissions (the year of the start of education):

Doctoral Training Programme (curriculum) for a. y. 2024/2025.

Doctoral Training Programme (curriculum) for a. y. 2023/2024.

Doctoral Training Programme (curriculum) for a.y. 2022/2023 (pdf, 247.98kB) Doctoral Training Programme (curriculum) for a.y. 2021/2022 (pdf, 231.85kB) Doctoral Training Programme (curriculum) for a.y. 2020/2021 (pdf, 232.40kB) Doctoral Training Programme (curriculum) for a.y. 2019/2020 (pdf, 440.48kB)

Regulations regarding the Doctoral School have been prepared in Polish and then translated into English for information purposes only. The Polish version will prevail whenever there is a divergent interpretation between these texts.

Please make sure that you follow tabs relating to your discipline as well as tabs relating to SOFT SKILLS and other general courses published under this webpage.

You can find the dates and time of particular courses in the courses schedule provided as a webmail calendar (to be subscribed). 
The coursed intended for particular disciplines are marked in the calendar with abbreviations corresponding them - they precede the name of the course and are written [in brackets]. You will find the abbreviation list here.