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Suspension of PhD training

Suspension of training on maternity/paternity/parental leave terms

On the basis of §24 of the Regulations of the Doctoral School at the Gdańsk University of Technology:

"1. At the request of the doctoral student the doctoral training is suspended for a period corresponding to the duration of maternity leave, leave on the conditions of maternity leave, paternity leave and parental leave specified in the Act of 26 June 1974 - the Labour Code.
2. During the suspension, the doctoral student receives a doctoral scholarship, referred to in § 27 para. 6."

The provisions regarding the maternity allowance shall apply accordingly to the amount of the doctoral scholarship. The assessment basis of the allowance is the monthly amount of the doctoral scholarship, which is due on the day of submitting the application for suspension.

Parenthood-related rights

Maternity, parental and paternity leaves are associated with child care. These leaves are granted to biological parents and others who care for the child.

  • Maternity leave (urlop macierzyński)
  • Parental leave (urlop rodzicielski)
  • Paternity leave (urlop ojcowski)

1.The duration of maternity leave depends on the number of children born at one birth and is as follows:

  • 20 weeks – in the case of birth of one child;
  • 31 weeks – in the case of birth of two children;
  • 33 weeks – in the case of birth of three children;
  • 35 weeks – in the case of birth of four children;
  • 37 weeks – in the case of birth of five and more children.

At her request, a doctoral student may take up to 6 weeks of maternity leave before the expected date of birth. After giving birth, she is entitled to leave in the previously unused part.

2.A doctoral student mother or a doctoral student father are entitled to parental leave directly after taking maternity leave. Parental leave should be taken no later than the end of the calendar year in which the child reaches the age of 6. The dimension of the leave is granted to both entitled parents jointly and depends on the number of children born at one birth. It amounts to:

  • Up to 32 weeks after the birth of one child
  • Up to 34 weeks after the birth of more than one child.

3.Paternity leave can only be taken by a doctoral student father until the child reaches the age of 2. The dimension of paternity leave is 2 weeks and can be taken in two weekly parts or in one single take.

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Suspension of training due to long-term illness or caring for an ill family member/child under 4 years of age/child with a recognised disability or force majeure

§24 of the mentioned Regulations

"3. A doctoral student's training may also be suspended once in the case of a doctoral student's long-term illness, certified by sick/medical leave, a difficult family situation resulting from the personal care of an ill family member, a child up to the age of four or a child with a recognised disability, or the occurrence of circumstances caused by force majeure, at the doctoral student's request, with a positive opinion from the supervisor. The period of suspension in such a case may not exceed 1 year, and the final decision is taken by the Director of the Doctoral School.

4. During the period of suspension referred to in paragraph 3, a doctoral student will not receive the doctoral scholarship referred to in §27 paragraph 6."

Applications for suspension of training are available in Doctoral School Office.