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Extension of PhD training

Extension of doctoral training at the Doctoral School

Due to the fact that the deadline for completion of training and the related deadline for submission of the dissertation for the first enrollment of training at the school (a.y. 2019/2020) approaches, we kindly remind you that according to the regulations of the school (§23) in justified cases, including in particular:

1) the need for the doctoral student to carry out additional research,

2) delay due to failure of test equipment,

3) a temporary lack of materials for experimental work,

4) long-lasting procurement procedures,

5) scientific internship,

6) work on preparing a significant publication,

7) doctoral dissertation editing,

8) temporary incapacity for work, as evidenced by a sick leave or a medical certificate,

9) providing personal care for a sick family member, a child under four years old or a child with a certified disability,

10) having a certificate of disability,


- the deadline for submitting a doctoral dissertation and therefore doctoral training period at the Doctoral School may be extended at the request of a doctoral student.


The extension of the period of doctoral training may be granted to a doctoral student who fulfills all the following conditions:

1) they submitted an application before the end of the doctoral training period, but after the mid-term evaluation,

2) they have not submitted their doctoral dissertation,

3) they have systematically implemented the curriculum (doctoral training program).


One-time extension is granted for the period indicated in the application, but not longer than one year. The total extension period shall not exceed two years.


To obtain an extension, a PhD student should submit an application reviewed by the supervisor - indicating the new deadline for submission of the doctoral dissertation and accompanied by the following attachments:

  • in each case - an update of the individual research plan, containing a detailed plan for the implementation of the remaining tasks related to the preparation of the doctoral dissertation and a list of the doctoral student’s research achievements, 

  • when requesting a further extension additionally - a report on the research conducted since the previous extension.


Applications of the 4th-year PhD students interested in such an extension should be submitted by the MojaPG system until June 30, 2023 with eDocument titled “[4-5th year] Application for extension of training at Doctoral School / deadline for submission of doctoral dissertation”, which can be added to the PhD student’s account in the Student application. A template of the extension application can be found under > Downloads.


Extension applications from those who have indicated June - August 2023 as their dissertation submission date in their Individual Research Proposal will be considered on a rolling basis immediately after submission. Other applications for extension, for reasons other than internship or incapacity for work, will be considered by the end of September 2023 once the doctoral student has provided a copy of the doctoral examination record.

Information on insurance premiums for doctoral students extending their education after 4 years of education (applies to doctoral students without the right to a doctoral scholarship)

I. Health insurance

Doctoral students issued health insurance are not subject to compulsory health insurance
for any other reason, who are extending their education (after the 4-year
scholarship period) should be reported for health insurance by the entity running the doctoral school (Gdańsk University of Technology).

Doctoral students, extending their education, who:

- were enrolled for health insurance by PG, if they have no other title to insurance and were enrolled for insurance with code 18-12 will be deregistered from code 18-12 and registered for code 18-11 and thus retain the right to health insurance.

- were not enrolled for health insurance by the PG because they had another title for insurance (e.g., business activity, employment contract, civil law contract), but there has been a change, which results in the need for enrollment for health insurance by the PG, they should report to the school office to submit the appropriate documents:

1. application for change of data for enrollment for health insurance,

2. together with a statement that they are not subject to the obligation of health insurance on another title and the appropriate forms Social Insurance Institution.

Notification may not take place earlier than the first day after the end of the doctoral scholarship. The obligation to report expires on the date of completion of training or removal from the list of doctoral students.

Doctoral students are required to inform the Doctoral School of any change in their title to health insurance.

II. Social insurance (pension, disability, accident)

After the completion of 4 years of training, and thus the end of the doctoral scholarship, the entity running the doctoral school (Gdańsk University of Technology) is not obliged to report to social insurance for doctoral students, and thus pay contributions for pension, disability and accident insurance.

A a result, doctoral students extending their education will be deregistered from social insurance, and no contributions will be paid by the Gdańsk University of Technology.