Main Building, room 100/3

Head of section:

Konrad Konke
phone: +48 58 347 12 05
e-mail: konrad.konke@pg.edu.pl

  • fulfillment of orders for library materials
  • lending collections and making them available on the spot
  • support in accessing electronic resources
  • setting up, updating and modifying reading accounts
  • providing comprehensive information on the resources and services of the Gdańsk Tech Library
  • providing specialist information
  • shaping the content of the Library's collections in cooperation with SGiOZT (purchase of new products, selection, inventory)
  • organizing training (including for Gdańsk Tech students, Erasmus + as well as internships and library internships)
  • bibliographic information
  • settlement of circulation cards
  • promotion of the activities and offer of the Gdańsk Tech Library
  • internal bookbinding work