Main Building, level 100, room 100/7

Head of section:

Magdalena Szuflita-Żurawska
phone: +48 58 347 24 01
e-mail: magdalena.szuflita@pg.edu.pl

  • providing library, bibliographic and factual information on the basis of printed and electronic resources of the library and other electronic sources
  • training activities in the use of electronic information sources
  • developing online training courses for students within the scope of 1st and 2nd degree information competences
  • counseling and training activities in the field of the open model of scientific communication Open Access, Open Data
  • editing and editing of the Library's website
  • organization of the Standards Reading Room in full range (creating, updating and sharing resources)
  • providing standards in electronic and printed versions
  • sharing doctoral dissertations before defense
  • promotion of information resources and services offered by the Library
  • implementation of interlibrary loans
  • preparation of periodic reports and statistics
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Senior Librarian
Senior Librarian
Senior Librarian
Senior Librarian
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