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Date added: 2023-02-06

Important information for new international students

Are you an international student and you start your studies at Gdańsk University of Technology at the end of February? Be sure to read what events we have prepared for you and your colleagues who are also starting their student adventure in Gdańsk.

At the beginning of each new academic year, Gdańsk Tech International Relations Office invites newly admitted international students (Polish and English-speaking) to participate in two important events: Registration Week and Welcome Meeting.

Registration Week

This is a very important event during which newly admitted international students provide recruitment documents and can obtain information on, among others, the legalization of stay in Poland.

  • for whom: for students who have been admitted to the full cycle of studies (note - this is not an event for students who came as part of the Erasmus+ program)
  • date: February 13-17 (Monday to Friday)
  • place: Welcome Office in building no. 11 (check on the map)
  • is participation in the Registration Week mandatory? Yes, it is obligatory for all students admitted to the full cycle of studies
  • registration: click on this LINK 1 and sign up for the meeting (if there are no free dates, you can also try to make an appointment by clicking on this LINK 2). Sign up for only one date so as not to block the place for other students

Welcome Meeting

An information meeting for all newly admitted international students, during which students receive practical information needed at the beginning of the academic year.

  • for whom: for all newly admitted international students (admitted to a full cycle of studies and students under the Erasmus+ program)
  • date: Tuesday, February 21
  • 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
  • place: conference room in building no. 11 (check on the map)
  • is participation in the Welcome Meeting mandatory? No, it is not obligatory, but we strongly encourage you to participate - during the meeting you can learn a lot of useful information.
  • registration: no need to sign up - just come

If you have any questions, please contact the International Relations Office at the following e-mail address: