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Date added: 2023-06-20

ENHANCE invites - workshops on AI in Higher Education (June 22)

Warsaw University of Technology invites students, PhD students and staff to an "ENHANCE workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education" online (Thursday, June 22). Registration is required. 

In 2022, Gdańsk University of Technology joined the ENHANCE Alliance - an association of 10 European technical universities. Thanks to the presence at ENHANCE, students and employees of Gdańsk Tech have the opportunity to participate in winter and summer schools, seminars and other interesting events on various topics. The next such event for students will be organized on Thursday, 22 June. This time Warsaw University of Technology - ENHANCE member, invites to workshops on Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education. 

During the ENHANCE workshop, experts in AI in education from ENHANCE universities will deliver short speeches on using new technologies in teaching, providing valuable insights into the current state and prospects of AI tools from the perspective of their institutions. The workshop will provide ample networking opportunities for participants to connect with like-minded professionals, form collaborations, and exchange ideas on the future of AI in education.


Thursday, June 22, from 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.


Online on Webex (the links are provided below). 

For whom?

All members of ENHANCE community (students, doctoral candidates, staff) and others.


The workshop will consist of two parts:
– PART I – a series of short speeches open to all members of ENHANCE community (students, doctoral candidates, staff) and others – LINK
– PART II – main workshop for a limited number of people – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. The main workshop is divided into two parts, during which participants:
- work in groups (3-6 people)
- discuss issues related to the topic of the workshop using the prepared whiteboard

Topics for discussion:
– individualisation of learning paths using AI (learning analytics) – barriers and opportunities: student perspective, teacher perspective & institution perspective
– using digital technologies in teaching - from calculator through a computer to generative AI (for text and images)
– ethics, copyright, legal aspects vs AI tools
– AI tools for teachers/supporting teachers
– supporting teachers in using AI tools

More information about the meeting can be found here

The ENHANCE Alliance was founded in November 2019 as an association of ten European technical universities. Its goal is to create a European and interdisciplinary space for the interaction of innovative technological progress, society and our environment. Gdańsk University of Technology has been a member of ENHANCE since 2022. More about ENHANCE.