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Gdańsk SKM

Public transport in Tricity

Public transport in the Tricity is provided by buses and trams (Gdańsk), trolleybuses (Gdynia) and the Fast Urban Railway (SKM - the whole Tricity). 

Tickets can be bought at a kiosk, from the driver (exact cash is needed) or from a ticket machine at a stop or station. Tram, bus and trolleybus tickets must be punched as soon as you board the vehicle. The punching machine - usually an orange box placed at eye level - stamps the date and time on the ticket. SKM tickets must be punched before boarding the train, at the SKM station or in the subway on the way to the platform. 

Different types of tickets are available, including single tickets, season tickets and long-distance tickets, concessionary and full-fare tickets. The expected length of the journey is indicated on the timetable at the stop/station. Be prepared to check tickets inside the vehicle - ticket inspectors must have ID badges.

Students under the age of 26 have a discount on most public transport - 50% on public transport and 37% on state railways. A valid student card or International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is required to qualify for the discount.

Students who have already received an ID card can use it as a season ticket for public transport in Gdansk. To do so, fill in this application form and submit it together with the student card to one of the ZTM (City Transport Authority) branches. The nearest point is in GALERIA METROPOLIA (ul. Kilińskiego 4, Gdańsk Wrzeszcz - next to train station).

After submitting the documents, the student receives a confirmation that allows him/her to travel on public transport at a discount. More info:

While travelling in Poland and Europe you can use

1. trains (Polish State Railways PKP, offering many types of connections, from fast and expensive EuroCity to slower 'fast' of a lower standard)
2. buses (regional buses of private carriers under the general name of PKS, private corporations nationwide and European, such as FlixBus)
3. planes (Polish Airlines  LOT, private carriers such as WizzairRyanair). Airports in Poland, apart from Gdańsk and Warsaw, are also located in Modlin, Wrocław, Poznań, Kraków, Katowice and Łódź