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Logistics Office

Among the main responsibilities of the department there are:

Real estate administration:
• Managing buildings in accordance with the decree on the management of premises
• Ongoing monitoring of the technical condition of buildings
• Reporting investment and repair needs
• Organising periodic maintenance
• Keeping the books of a given building
• Organising sanitation services
• Records of maintenance costs of buildings
• Accounting costs associated with the operation of buildings
• Administration of leases and renting agreements

Public procurement:
• Supervision of the joint procurement on the supply of fuels, office supplies, supplies for printers, copiers and fax machines, personal protective equipment, clothing and footwear, locks and building hardware, plumbing articles, electrical products, and cleaning services: of windows and glass surfaces, cleaning chandeliers and wall lamps, disposal of municipal waste
• Preparation of reports on the implementation of supplies and services in terms of volume, value and assortment divided among all the organisational units in joint proceedings
• Organization of tender proceedings within the department responsibilities
• Awarding contracts up to 14 000 Euro within the department responsibilities

Current economic operation
• Moving and relocating
• Help in organisation of events at the University
• Outdoor area cleaning / snow removal
• Supervision of the municipal waste collection service
• Contracting the provision and installation of plaques, road signs, etc.
• Conducting minor construction repairs
• Repair and maintenance of furniture
• Repairs to doors and windows
• Laying carpets and PVC
• Small furniture production
• Repair of home appliances
• Cloakroom supervision

Maintenance of green areas
• Maintaining the of vegetation on the GUT campus
• Cleaning passageways
• Felling and the planting of trees and shrubs, outsourcing services in this field
Multimedia services for the University
• Current support of the multimedia teaching process at the University, as well as of conferences, symposiums, meetings and other events that require the use of equipment and multimedia techniques.

  • Sound system
  • presentations conducted using computer video projectors, digital projection screens, overhead projectors and transparencies
  • digital recording of audio and video signals
  • computer editing of video and audio signals
  • conversion of audio and video signals from analog to digital
    • Rental of multimedia equipment for teaching at the university in accordance with the semester notification from departments.
    • Constant care and technical supervision of rooms equipped with stationary multimedia equipment: Main Building - hall with the control room and amplification room, Senate Hall, Collegiate Hall, rooms 300, 200, 211, 213, hall in front of the Auditorium and the Main Library.
    • Implementation of modern means and techniques to improve teaching through the purchase of equipment, design and evaluation of projects to provide university facilities with multimedia equipment.
    • Administrative, organizational and technical services of lectures within the framework of the Open University, concerts within the framework of Music Evenings at GUT, and other cultural events organised by the University.
    • Conducting tender procedures in the common procurement, associated with the purchase of multimedia equipment for the needs of GUT organizational units.
    • Technical and substantive care of the archives of GUT Academic Television (ATvPG).
    • Documentation of current college life and archiving of the acquired video content on YouTube.
    • Execution (with the permission of superiors) of paid external multimedia services and their invoicing in accordance with the approved price list.

• Transport services
• Administration of the fleet of company cars
• Customs services and keeping statistics of trade in goods between the EU member states - Intrastat system
• Formal and legal control and factual payment for the supply of fuel for all GUT organizational units and its development by generic cost system
• Contracting the stamps
• Ordering flowers
• Collection and commissioning for recycling of waste inks and toners
• Reporting on the creation of waste subject to disposal or designated for recovery