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Mobile Gdańsk Tech App (mPG)

Gdańsk University of Technology official mobile app

(version 4.4+)

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(version 12.0+)

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Podgląd aplikacji mPG

 Check your grades and schedule from Moja PG, navigate on campus and catch up on all of the news about Gdańsk University of Technology!

ikona aktualności w formie budzika

Be informed

Quick access to your grades, messages and schedule!

ikona tablicy

Keep in touch

Full list of our employees.

ikona koła ratunkowego

Find yourself

...with full map of campus!

ikona chatu

... and more!

Constantly working on new features!

About project

mPG is a mobile app for Android and iOS (Apple), made as a part of a project eUczelnia – opracowanie i wdrożenie na PG platformy udostępniającej eUsługi dla społeczeństwa informacyjnego województwa pomorskiego.

It allows you to access public and private information related to Gdańsk Tech main services, eg. news, employees' list, guide, messages or timetable. Moreover, "Campus" module includes full map of campus with a navigation system.

App is still under development - more features and detailed translation of all the names will be provided.