Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Faculty of Architecture
Degree to be obtained: Engineer, Architect (inżynier architekt)
Duration: 4 years (8 semesters)
Language: English
ECTS points: 240
Tuition fee per semester: 9000 PLN

Program description
The curriculum was designed for people wishing to study architecture. It was developed to educate future architects both in technical knowledge and to develop their awareness within esthetic and human-oriented values. It allows the students to develop the skills related to shaping urbanized areas both as to elements of little architecture, public utility facilities and multi-spatial urban projects. The courses within the study curriculum are based on the knowledge in the disciplines originating from technical sciences: architecture, urbanizm, construction and arts or history of art. The main purpose of education is to prepare the graduates —  architects for their professional career and for deliberate and competent participation in shaping the areas that constitute the living space of individuals and groups.

ECTS Information with a list of subjects 

Entry requirements
• Secondary school certificate (obligatory)
• State exam/matriculation results (if applicable) which entitle the candidate to apply for a bachelor's degree in the country, where the secondary education was obtained
• Subjects considered in the formula for calculating the candidate’s points: mathematics and history of art or informatics

The portfolio should contain: 5-10 works done personally by the candidate in any technique, A3 format, including minimum: 2 black and white drawings of human figures, 1 drawing of a composition composed of geometrical solids, 1 architectural drawing, other works on any subject. Regardless of providing photos or scans in digital version, the printed version must be submitted during registration weeks. 

Career opportunities
The graduates of first-cycle studies are prepared to start their professional careers as
auxiliaries and in implementation and construction supervision in the area of urban
design and designing architectural objects together with their surroundings. Finishing
the studies allows the graduates for second-cycle studies continuation.