Skills4EOSC is funded by the European Commission Horizon Europe programme (GA 101058527). The project will set up a pan-European network of competence centres to speed up the training of European researchers and harmonise the training of new professional figures for scientific data management. Over the following years, it will work to provide Open Science Commons and create an EOSC-ready skilled European workforce, connecting existing Competence Centres in open science and scientific data management. The aim is to develop common methodologies, activities and training resources to unify the current training landscape into a collaborative and reliable ecosystem and to provide dedicated community-specific support to leverage the potential of EOSC for open and data-intensive research. The project started on the 1st of September 2022.

One of the project's results so far is the development of the Draft Methodology for FAIR-by-Design Learning Materials for creating learning materials according to the FAIR-by-design principle. The infographic depicts important aspects of implementing FAIR principles, such as scope, metadata schema, interoperability and publication in an appropriate repository, with a step-by-step six-stage workflow and checklists that help implement the FAIR-by-design process.
FAIR-by-Design Learning Materials

EOSC Future is a Horizon 2020-funded project aiming to develop an environment consisting of data, professional services and open research products and infrastructure that European researchers can access and use.

The project has also created the EOSC Future Funding Platform, which provides information on currently open project calls.
Open calls