Public Procurement Office is an organizational unit within the central administration of Gdańsk University of Technology

The tasks of the office include the following:

  1. Conducting public procurement procedures,
  2. Collecting and balancing the annual procurement proposals from the organizational units of the University, and preparing the University’s public procurement plan,
  3. Updating the plan based on the approved corrections,
  4. Maintaining a central public procurement register,
  5. Publishing the public procurement notices on the bulletin board, passing the public procurement notices to the Publications Office of the European Union and publishing them in the Public Procurement Bulletin, at the request of the organizational unit,
  6. Cooperating with the parties responsible for procurement implementation and with the procurement committees in all stages of the process,
  7. Initialing the correctness of the prepared terms of reference (Polish acronym: SWZ), at the request of the organizational unit,
  8. Cooperating with the Polish Public Procurement Office,
  9. Advising and providing information to employees of Gdansk University of Technology on application of the Public Procurement Law,
  10. Organizing trainings on public procurement,
  11. Collecting and sharing literature on public procurement,
  12. Compiling reports on procurement.