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  • 2023-07-14

    Gdańsk University of Technology is a signatory of "Race to Zero"

    Gdańsk University of Technology is one of four Polish universities that have joined the global "Race to Zero" campaign supported by the United Nations. "Race to Zero" is a global campaign that unites enterprises, educational institutes, including universities, cities and regions around a common goal which is planning and implementing activities leading to the reduction of greenhouse gas...

  • 2023-06-28

    Bike service as part of "By bike to the university" competition

    Thanks to a convenient network of bicycle routes, commuting to work or lectures at the Gdańsk Tech can be easily done by bike. However for comfort and safety reasons,  it is worth to regularly check its technical condition. Do-it-yourself activities such as pumping the wheels or chain lubricating can increase cycling comfort. Depending on will and skills, regular bicycle service such as...

  • 2023-06-26

    Ingenious Inventors Wanted - The James Dyson Award 2023

    Only until July 19, you can submit your project for The James Dyson Award 2023. The competition is organized by the James Dyson Foundation, founded in 2002, which aims to support young engineers and encourage them to be passionate about construction. The organizers of this year's edition of the competition direct attention to ecology and look also for projects aimed at solving problems related...

  • 2023-06-21

    I choose public transport

    In the period from March 2022 to April 2023, in the city of Gdańsk, the city and commune of Pruszcz Gdański, the city and commune of Żukowo and the commune of Kolbudy, the Gdańsk Traffic Research was carried out to learn about daily transport habits of the respondents. For the purposes of the study, the term of travel was defined, which is understood as any movement for a specific purpose by...

  • 2023-06-20

    CESAER Student Challenge 2023 - Expert Talks with Gdańsk Tech

    From the 3rd to 7th of July Gdańsk Tech organizes the expert talks for participants of the CESAER Student Challenge 2023.These talks offer an extraordinary opportunity for students to engage with experts from Gdańsk Tech and enhance their submissions for the CESAER Student Challenge 2023. During this event, a panel of esteemed experts will be available each for two hours to engage in...

  • 2023-06-13

    Gdańsk Tech in the forefront of Polish universities in THE Impact 2023 ranking

    Once again Gdańsk University of Technology is among the top universities in Poland in the Times Higher Education Impact Ranking 2023. It is the only global ranking based on the Sustainable Development Goals created by the United Nations.  In the latest ranking, Gdańsk Tech was classified in the overall ranking and in eleven specific Sustainable Development Goals. In the general...

  • 2023-04-13

    Join the cycling competition!

    The second edition of the cycling competition "By bike to the univeristy" has just started! Cycling to the university? But of course! We invite all employees, students and PhD students to the cycling competition "By bike to the univeristy", which lasts from April 3, 2023 to October 31, 2023. This is a good opportunity to change your transport habits and thanks to it reduce traffic jams and...

  • 2022-12-16

    Success in GreenMetrics World University Ranking

    Once again, the efforts of our University in implementing sustainable development activities have been recognized internationally! In the latest edition of the UI GreenMetric World University Ranking, Gdansk Tech was ranked 1st among Polish universities. Globally, PG was ranked 137th out of 1050 universities from 85 countries. The UI GreenMetric World University Rankings examine universities'...