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Ph.D. Eng. Aleksandra Teresa Wiśniewska

prodziekan A. T. Wiśniewska w todze



Vice-Dean for Education

date of birth


  • Postgraduate studies in "Research Project Management and Commercialization of Research Results" Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Management and Economics (2010–2011),
  • Postgraduate studies "Control & Management of Lean Manufacturing in Network Systems", Fachhochschule Karlsruhe (1998–2000),
  • Master's studies "Automation and Robotics", Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (1995–2000)

degree/scientific title

  • PhD – Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (2008),


  • Gdańsk University of Technology: assistant professor (since 2008); assistant (2003–2008),
  • Flextronics International Poland: process engineer (2000–2002)

academic positions

  • GUT e-learning consultant and administrator,
  • Departmental Coordinator for student internships

external scientific placements

  • Research internship at Flextronics International Poland, as part of the "STER R&D" project, the Human Capital operational program, the action "R&D personnel qualifications in the R&D system and increasing awareness of the role of science in economic development" (2012),
  • Research internship at the PPHU "STIN" company, No. TW 9/2012, under the project "Commercialization of research results and creating entrepreneurial attitudes by the Gdynia Maritime University", operational program Human Capital, action "Knowledge Transfer" (2012),
  • Project "Research on the influence of technological parameters of burnishing with ceramic tools of roller-type parts"; own research grant, head of Ph.D. Bogdan Ścibiorski (2011–2012),
  • KBN supervisor grant No. 0593 / T02 / 2006/31 Adaptive quality control system using fuzzy logic – author and contractor (2006–2008),
  • Government grant of the French Republic No. 306092L – Research stay at the CReSTIC laboratory of the University of Reims, Troyes IUT branch (2008),
  • Application of fuzzy logic to control automated manufacturing systems. Polish-French bilateral cooperation program "POLONIUM" (Université Champagne Ardenne de Reims – IUT de Troyes (2004–2008)

scientific interests

  • use of simulation tools and elements of fuzzy logic to optimize logistics processes in the enterprise,
  • principles of operation and repairs of machines and business solutions regarding new investment projects in terms of greater productivity and the use of Lean Production techniques,
  • TQM quality assurance and management systems, ISO standards in machine manufacturing,
  • flexible automated manufacturing systems (ESP) – designing technological processes,
  • production planning and control

publications/scientific profile

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