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Rector's Department

Units subordinate to the Rector:

Rector’s Representatives for:

  • Accreditation - Ph.D. Karolina Tura-Gawron 
  • Artistic Matters - Prof. of art Jan Buczkowski, Ph.D, Art.D.
  • Baltic Science Festival - Ph.D., D. Sc., Eng.  Ryszard Barczyński, Gdańsk Tech professor
  • Internal Security - Prof. Ph.D., D. Sc., Eng. Jerzy Ejsmont
  • Solidarity Transport Hub - Ph.D., Eng. Sławomir Grulkowski
  • Accessibility - Ph.D., D. Sc., Eng. Arch. Marek Wysocki, Gdańsk Tech professor
  • Remote Education - Ph.D. Anita Dąbrowicz-Tlałka, Gdańsk Tech professor
  • Nuclear Power - Ph.D., Eng. Marcin Jaskólski
  • The Protection of Classified Information - Urszula Markowska, MA
  • Radiological Protection IOR - 1 - Marcin Byczuk, M.Sc. Eng.
  • Waste and Chemical Reagents - Łukasz Katlewicz, M.Sc. Eng.
  • People with Special Needs - Tomasz Tołoczko, Eng.
  • Open Science - Ph.D. Anna Wałek
  • Organization and coordination of the Polish Academic Championships - Andrzej Bussler, MA
  • PhD program with the University of Illinois - Prof. MD, Ph.D. Leszek Kalinowski
  • Equal Treatment - Ph.D., Eng. Mohammad Ghaemi
  • the Use of Anti-plagiarism Systems - Ph.D., Eng. Andrzej Sobecki
  • Doctoral Studies - Prof. Ph.D., D. Sc., Eng. Michał Mrozowski
  • Hydrogen Technology - Prof. Ph.D., D. Sc., Eng. Kazimierz Darowicki
  • Entrepreneurial University - Ph.D., D. Sc. Eng. Krzysztof Leja, Gdańsk Tech professor
  • Volunteer Center of the Gdańsk University of Technology  - mgr Katarzyna Dzięcielewska, MA
  • Cooperation with Chinese Scientific and Didactic Institutions - Ph.D., D. Sc. Christian Jungnickel, Gdańsk Tech professor
  • Cooperation with ESA and POLSA - Prof. Ph.D., D. Sc., Eng. Edmund Wittbrodt
  • Development of the Gdańsk Tech Campus - Prof. Ph.D., D. Sc., Eng. Arch. Lucyna Nyka
  • Sailing - Ph.D., D. Sc., Eng. Marek Dzida, Gdańsk Tech professor