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Date added: 2020-12-03

The #GdańskHelps campaign

The #GdańskHelps campaign helps institutions, as well as private persons, whose functioning is difficult or impossible by the epidemic. Institutions that are helped under the action include hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages.

The #GdańskHelps campaign helps people and institutions whose normal functioning is hindered by the COVID-19 epidemic. The project aims to support local hospitals, nursing homes, non-governmental organizations, municipal services, volunteers and other local units struggling with the lack of appropriate equipment, personal protective equipment or funds for further effective counteracting the coronavirus.

#GdańskHelps is a joint initiative of the City of Gdańsk, the Gdańsk Foundation, Gdańsk International Fair Co., the Energa Gdańsk Stadium and the Regional Volunteer Center in Gdańsk.

Both those who need support and people who can share the good can leave their application on the website.

Visit the dedicated website and check how you can help or how to get help.