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Date added: 2021-10-27

Research internship in Brazil

Pictured is Natalia Lukasik wearing a purple sweater.

Doctor Natalia Łukasik from the Department of Chemistry and Technology of Functional Materials received a scholarship for the implementation of the project entitled: "Nanostructured catalysts for hydrogen production from small organic molecules" under the CAPES PRINT program announced by the Ministry of Education in Brazil. The six-month research internship has been carried out since September this year under the supervision of Professor Bráulio Silva Barros and Professor Joanna Kulesza at the Federal University of Pernambuco in Recife, Brazil.

The research carried out under the project includes the preparation, characterization and testing of catalytic properties of porous organometallic systems. The aim of the project is to obtain effective catalysts for the dehydrogenation reaction of low molecular weight organic compounds.