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Information and patent services

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Patent Information Centre at Patent Attorneys Office at Gdańsk University of Technology PATLIB (OIP) popularises knowledge concerning protection of intellectual property (IP), especially industrial, offers access to patent information PATLIB, cooperates with the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland and also is a member of the European network of patent information centres PATLIB in collaboration with the European Patent Office. Patent Information Centre at GUT has access to non-commercial and commercial databases.

Main patent services of Patent Information Centre are:

✔ researching the technology advancement in a given field in the patent database,

✔ analysis of patent statistics (delivering information on: trends in technology, competitors’ activities basing on statistical patent data analysis),

✔ organizing trainings in patent information and database.

Depending on the individual needs of users Patent Information Centre (OIP) offers counselling of patent experts and advice on protection of intellectual property, including patent potential, juridical acts concerning patented solutions (industrial property protection)

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