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Date added: 2023-03-02

Open call for applications to the Startup School One program

The third call for applications for the Startup School One program is open until March 19. The Startup School invites you to participate in informational meetings. The goal of the Startup School One program named "Test your idea", is to provide participants with professional support in the evaluation and further development of submitted ideas, aimed at introducing them to the market in the form of startup companies.

The submitted teams of participants will take part in a 60-hour series of lectures and workshops, and will receive guidance from business experts and mentors, as well as technology development consultations from employees of the Gdansk University of Technology.

more about the Startup School One program

Information meetings

An opportunity to learn more about the program, meet with a project manager, or find out whether it's worth applying with your project/team to the Startup School will be 1 of 4 informational meetings that will be held online on MS Teams on: March 2, March 8 or March 14, and stationary on March 16 in the Hydromechanics building at Gdansk University of Technology.

detailed schedule of informational meetings

If you are interested in participating in the program, but do not have a startup idea, or a completed team to develop your idea, the informational meeting is a great opportunity to benefit from a consultation with a project manager.