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Europium IDUB

Europium Short-Term Outgoing Visits is a programme which fulfils the tasks of IDUB (the Polish acronym for The Excellence Initiative – Research University) when it comes to increasing the quality of research activities at the university as part of Action IV.2. (System for supporting the mobility of scientists and work-life balance solutions) The aim of the Programme is to increase the research competencies of employees of Gdańsk University of Technology, especially young researchers, by offering them short-term internships at international research centres. Such trips should also result in establishing research cooperation between the research team to which the leaving employee belongs and a research group from abroad. 

Who can benefit from the programme?

According to the Terms and Conditions of AMERICIUM, applications in the programme may be submitted by Gdańsk Tech research staff or teaching and research staff who are doctors or doctors with habilitation degree and for whom the university is the principal place of work. The trip needs to overlap with the employment period.

Recruitment period

Applications are accepted continuously. 

Trip funding conditions

The funding for travel expenses and the costs of stay is a lump sum which covers accommodation, daily living costs and travelling by local means of transport, for which the applicant gets PLN 3,000 per week. Moreover, the funding covers the costs of travelling to and from the foreign research centre.

For how long can I go?

As part of the Programme, it is possible to cover the costs of short-term internships (from 1 week to 3 months) for researchers from Gdańsk Tech in foreign research centres of high international reputation.

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