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Date added: 2020-09-02

Gdańsk University of Technology authorities for the 2020-2024 term

main building of GUT
A new term of office of Gdańsk University of Technology starts at the beginning of September. Prof. Krzysztof Wilde, PhD, DSC, Eng. Corresponding member of the PAS will still be the rector, while the current vice-rectors will remain in their posts. In six of the nine faculties, the deans will be replaced by new persons and the deputy deans will also change. The new term of the GUT Senate in a changed composition will also start.

Prof. Krzysztof Wilde will be the rector of Gdańsk University of Technology for the next four years.

The rector, elected in the elections held on 9 April, appointed vice-rectors who had previously held these functions. They are:

• PhD, DSc, Eng. Marek Dzida, university professor, vice-rector for education

• prof. PhD, DSc, Eng. Dariusz Mikielewicz, vice-rector for organization and development

• prof. PhD, DSc, Eng. Sławomir Milewski, vice-rector for science

• prof. PhD, DSc, Eng. Janusz Nieznański, vice-rector for internationalization and innovation

Rector &vice-rectors

Also the Senate of Gdańsk University of Technology will start its new 2020-2024 term of office in a new composition: the university authorities, academic teachers, representatives of students and doctoral students, as well as representatives of other university employees.

The composition of the GUT Senate 

New deans will lead six faculties of Gdańsk University of Technology. In the case of three faculties, the deans will not change.

Here are the deans for the 2020-2024 term:

Faculty of Architecture: prof. PhD, DSc, Eng. Arch. Lucyna Nyka

Faculty of Chemistry: prof. PhD, DSc, Eng. Agata Kot-Wasik

Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics: prof. PhD, DSc, Eng. Jacek Stefański

Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering: PhD, DSc, Eng. Mirosław Wołoszyn, university professor

Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics: prof. PhD, DSc, Józef E. Sienkiewicz

Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering: PhD, DSc, Eng. Joanna Żukowska, university professor

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering: PhD, DSc, Eng. Paweł Śliwiński, university professor

Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology: PhD, DSc, Eng. Wojciech Litwin, university professor

Faculty of Management and Economics: PhD, DSc, Małgorzata Gawrycka, university professor.

Deans &Vice-Deans

The hitherto chancellor Mariusz Miler will continue to perform the function of GUT chancellor.

There are also four Priority Research Area Centers at Gdańsk University of Technology, established after GUT received the status of research university. They are managed by the rector's representatives:

BioTechMed Center - prof. PhD, DSc, Eng. Jerzy Wtorek

EkoTech Center - prof. PhD, DSc, Eng. Magdalena Gajewska

Materials of the Future Center - prof. PhD, DSc, Eng. Piotr Jasiński

Digital Technologies Center - PhD, DSc, Eng. Łukasz Kulas, university professor