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    Inauguration of the academic year 2021/2022

    The ceremonial meeting of the Senate of Gdańsk University of Technology on the occasion of the inauguration of the academic year 2021/2022 will be held on 1 October at 11.15. Due to the epidemic situation, just like last year, the central ceremony inaugurating the new academic year will be held in a hybrid manner. The list of direct participants of the ceremonial session of the Gdańsk Tech...

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    NutRedOx - network activity closing meeting

    On 19-21 September at Gdańsk University of Technology and the Radisson Hotel in Gdańsk, a meeting will be held to end the international project of the COST Action network (Cooperation in Science and Technology) with the acronym NutRedOx, whose partner is our university, and the vice-president is prof. Agnieszka Bartoszek from the Faculty of Chemistry. The NutRedOx network brings together...

  • ECG


    Let's take math to heart. Entropy in cardiac research

    More than 11 million new cases of cardiovascular disease are reported annually in Europe. Also in Poland, these diseases constitute a large social problem and are the greatest threat to the health of the inhabitants of our country. One of the basic diagnostic tools in cardiology is an ECG - a non-invasive test that shows the bioelectric activity of the heart. It is the ECG records that provide...

  • Hay on the field


    Cosmetics based on carrot pomace extracts. This is how biomass can be used

    Natural cosmetics based on carrot pomace extracts or bioplastics from potato leftovers - such can be the use of biomass, so far considered useless waste. This is the result of the research carried out under the project BioBIGG: Bioeconomics in the South Baltic Area: Innovations based on the use of biomass and the development of green areas. Gdańsk University of Technology was one of the...