E-learning and distance teaching - how to teach effectively? Over 225 000 euro for the E-TECH project | Gdańsk University of Technology


Date added: 2021-02-26

E-learning and distance teaching - how to teach effectively? Over 225 000 euro for the E-TECH project

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Due to the pandemic and the social distance it forced, academics all over the world faced a sudden need to change their current teaching methods. For this reason, scientists from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Ship Technology, in cooperation with the Center for Modern Education at GUT, decided to develop comprehensive materials that will help teachers all over Europe face this serious challenge.

The original project ‘Comprehensive project for distance teaching skills and multimedia resources for technical universities in Europe’ in short E-TECH was appreciated and co-financed by a grant in the Erasmus + competition Strategic partnerships for digital education in the higher education sector. The initiative will be carried out by the GUT consortium together with the Austrian university Joanneum Gesellschaft MBH from Graz and the Italian university Università Politecnica delle Marche from Ancona as well as with the support of AAE - the Association of Academic E-learning.

– Many lecturers employed by the universities that make up the consortium report a lack of appropriate methodological preparation and a shortage of resources for remote classes - explains PhD Marek Chodnicki, the manager of the project on behalf of Gdańsk University of Technology. - Equipping teachers with appropriate skills and tools is a complex task, therefore it is necessary to implement a project that comprehensively responds to the needs of recipients.

For this reason, the authors planned the initiative that consist of four parts: the development of an open, three-level e-learning course on effective e-learning, a ‘Practical Guide to Distance Learning Methods for Academics’ with multimedia advice, a bank of interactive resources and a model e-learning course for students in the subject chosen by the consortium.

– There are publications around the world on distance learning and e-learning, but few of them concern teaching at the academic level. What's more, most of the available materials have an old-fashioned, unfriendly form and are sometimes simply boring. We believe that teachers of universities, especially technical universities, deserve to acquire fresh knowledge and skills from highly practical, multimedia, but also friendly and attractive studies. - adds Alina Guzik, co-author of the application on behalf of the Center for Modern Education at GUT.