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Date added: 2021-04-23

Prof. Edmund Wittbrodt the head of the Space Sciences Committee of the Gdańsk branch of PAN

Prof Wittbrodt
Prof. Edmund Wittbrodt  PhD, DSc, Eng. from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Ship Technology at Gdańsk Tech has been unanimously elected the chairman of the Space Sciences Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Gdańsk for the term 2021-2025. Prof. Andrzej Stepnowski, who chairs the Space and Satellite Technologies Section in the Committee was also elected to the presidium of the Committee.  

The Space Sciences Committee, operating since 2017, is one of the ten committees of the Gdańsk Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences (other committees: the Vistula Delta Water Management Committee, the Sopot Art and Culture History Committee, the Maritime and Tropical Medicine Committee, the Space Sciences Committee, the Maritime Law Committee, The Maritime Sociology Committee, the Ecosphere Committee, the IT Committee, the Northern Poland Spatial Development Committee, the Medical Sciences Committee). It is one of the most numerous and active committees in the Gdańsk branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences. It currently has 54 members - representatives of various scientific and research institutions.

The Space Sciences Committee consists of five sections (Space and Satellite Technologies, Space Law, Space Management, Sea and Space, Security, Medical Sciences) and cooperates closely with the Baltic Sea and Space Cluster and the Polish Space Agency .

Research issues undertaken by the committee include increasing the competitiveness of the Polish space sector in the so-called New Space (related to the activities of private investors) through advisory, financial, educational and scientific support; development of satellite applications; increasing the possibilities of using space and satellite technologies in the maritime sector, as well as creating new fields of higher education and developing scientific staff. Every year, the Committee organizes a series of five interdisciplinary conferences, also with the participation of students and representatives of companies from the space sector. The host of three conferences was Gdańsk University of Technology: ‘Space Engineering. Innovation on the threshold of a new era’ (2017), ‘Autonomous Ships. Inevitable Reality at the Sea’ (2019), ‘Artificial Intelligence in Search for Synergy’ (2020).

The scientific profile of prof. Edmund Wittbrodt can be found on the MOST Wiedzy profile.