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Date added: 2022-07-01

Pomeranian Digital Innovation Hub selected as the European center of digital transformation

The European Commission has selected the Pomeranian Digital Innovation Hub (PDIH) consortium coordinated by the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone (PSEZ) / Gdańsk Science and Technology Park (GSTP) as one of several national centers responsible for digital transformation in Poland.

In total, only 136 centers of this type were selected throughout the European Union, which were given the status of European Digital Innovation Hub - EDIH. They will play a key role as regional one-stop-shops where companies will be able to find a comprehensive set of information and services, including the necessary pilot infrastructure to meet their digital and green transformation needs.

Pomeranian EDIH specializes in solutions in the field of Industry 4.0, Robotization, AI, VR / AR and Cybersecurity, with particular emphasis on the needs of the maritime industry. According to the assumptions of the one-stop-shop model, all services will be available in one place - from digitization level audits and training, through test implementations, to support in the field of searching for financing and creating appropriate legal solutions. In total, over 1500 services are planned to be performed within 3 years, which from the point of view of companies from the SME sector and the public administration sector will be available mostly free of charge.

– We are proud that the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone was included in the group of European Hubs of Digital Innovation. Thanks to this, the Zone, together with other centers, will expand the digital infrastructure in the European Union countries. Comprehensive activities of the consortium created by us will enable entrepreneurs of northern Poland to significantly reduce the costs of implementing the latest digital solutions in business activities, which will undoubtedly contribute to improving their competitiveness and position on the global market - said Przemysław Sztandera, President of the Board of the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone.

Substantive support from Gdańsk Tech

The process of obtaining the EDIH status was initiated almost 3 years ago by the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park in cooperation with Gdańsk University of Technology and the Interizon Cluster - one of the National Key Clusters - creating a bridge and the necessary synergies between the sphere of science and business.

 – In recent years, Gdańsk University of Technology obtained the status of a Research University, significantly increased its potential in the field of scientific research and intensified its activities in the field of acquiring research and development projects – said Łukasz Kulas, PhD, DSc, Eng., professor at Gdańsk Tech, coordinator of the Center for Digital Technologies at Gdańsk University of Technology. - Participation in the PDIH consortium is a natural complement to our activities aimed at the development and transfer of digital innovations improving the broadly understood safety and comfort of life of the society, as well as increasing the efficiency of enterprises and institutions - he adds.

The Gdańsk Science and Technology Park belonging to PSEZ, as an organization with experience in the implementation of national and international projects, acts as a coordinator in the consortium. Moreover, the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone, due to the project under implementation - Industrial Robot Programming Center, has extensive experience in the field of robotization and staff education for the industry of the future. The commencement of cooperation with Gdańsk University of Technology and the Interizon Cluster as part of the construction of EDIH in Pomerania allowed for a significant increase in the scope and power of influence of all entities.

– Obtaining the EDIH status means about PLN 14 million allocated to supporting active companies in Northern Poland. Such a significant co-financing of the digitization process combined with the existing cooperation network of the Interizon Cluster in Pomerania will certainly create new synergies between Polish companies and institutions as well as our foreign partners. It will also consolidate our position on the map of Europe – said Jarosław Parzuchowski, President of the Interizon Foundation coordinating activities in the Cluster.

– The choice of PDIH by the European Commission is a great honor for us, but also a great responsibility. Together with our partners, we will make every effort to carry out the task entrusted to us with due diligence, using the knowledge and experience gained so far - summed up Radosław Wika, Director of the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park and Project Coordinator.