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Date added: 2023-09-12

Important events for new international students

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Are you an international student starting your studies at Gdańsk University of Technology in October? Be sure to read about the events we have prepared for you and your fellow students who are also beginning their student journey in Gdańsk.

At the beginning of each academic semester, the International Relations Office of Gdańsk Tech organizes two events for newly admitted international students: Student Registration and Welcome Meeting.

Both events are important not only because new international students can complete the registration process and obtain important information regarding formalities related to their stay in Poland. Newcomers can also get to know their fellow students with whom they will be studying for the next few years.

Student Registration / September 18-29

These are very important two weeks during which newly admitted international students submit their original recruitment documents and can obtain information about, among other things, the legalization of their stay in Poland.

  • for whom: for international students admitted to full-cycle bachelor's and master's degree programs (this registration is not for students coming under the Erasmus+ program);
  • is participation in the Registration Week mandatory? Yes, it is mandatory for all students admitted to full-cycle Bachelor's and Master's degree programs
  • date: September 18-29
  • location: Welcome Office in building No. 11 (check the map)
  • in order to register, you must  make an appointment through an online form:
    - bachelor's and Master's degree programs in Polish: APPOINTMENT LINK (or in case of no available slots, use this LINK TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT)
    - bachelor's degree programs in English: APPOINTMENT LINK
    - master's degree programs in English: APPOINTMENT LINK

Please register for only one time slot not to block slots for other students.

Welcome Meeting / October 2

An informational meeting for all newly admitted international students where students receive practical information needed at the beginning of the academic year.

  • for whom: for all newly admitted international students, including those admitted to full-cycle bachelor's and master's degree programs as well as students from the Erasmus+ program; newly admitted doctoral students are also invited
  • is participation in the Welcome Meeting mandatory? No, it is not mandatory, but we strongly encourage participation - during the meeting, you can learn many useful information about life in Poland and Gdańsk
  • date: Monday, October 2
  • time: 10:00 a.m. for Polish-speaking students and 11:30 a.m. for English-speaking students
  • location: conference room at the STOS Competence Center (check the map)
  • registration: No registration is required - just show up.