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The Technetium Talent Management Grants program is an element of the tasks of the IDUB program in the field of improving the quality of education of students and doctoral students, in particular in fields and disciplines related to priority research areas (PRAs) of the university, Action III.4. (Activities supporting effective talent management). The aim of the TECHNETIUM program is to support the activity of mentors - academic teachers - caring for especially gifted students who are involved in research activities in PRA Centers.

Please note

The application must be submitted electronically only through the MojaPG system in the Grants Module

Grant applications may be submitted by:
  • tutors of students pursuing an individual research program at Gdańsk Tech;
  • tutors of students involved in the work of research teams operating at Gdańsk Tech;
  • tutors of student research clubs operating at Gdańsk Tech.
  • the grant amount under the program is PLN 25 000, and the project implementation period can last up to 12 months.
Budget and project financing conditions

The grant funds include:

  •     remuneration for the mentor (project manager), in the maximum amount of PLN 12000 gross (including employer's costs; max. PLN 1000/month)
  •     costs related to dissemination of scientific research
  •     costs of purchasing small laboratory equipment
  •     costs of equipment and software
  •     external services
How to apply?
  • Calling in the program will run from January 8 to February 23, 2024. 
  • Applications should be submitted electronically only through the MojaPG system.

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