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Step 6 of 7. Interview.

The candidates who passed the formal verification will be invited to take part in an interview with the Admissions Committee members appointed for a discipline. This is a final stage of candidates' evaluation.

Interviews take place within strict inviolable deadlines -> more information in the admissions schedule
The exact date, time, and place of the interview will be communicated to the candidate directly by the admissions committee. It is the applicant's responsibility to keep up to date with any communications sent to them by e-mail and in the application (admissions / recruitment) system.

The criteria for evaluation are defined in the admissions resolution.

Admissions Resolution*

*Regulations regarding the Doctoral School have been prepared in Polish and then translated into English for information purposes only. The Polish version will prevail whenever there is a divergent interpretation between these texts.

Candidates take part in an interview conducted in English.

During the interview, members of the committee, except for the doctoral students' representative, evaluate the candidate's knowledge of the doctoral dissertation subject declared on a scale of 2 to 5, using the 40% criterion.

The result of the interview with the candidate is the average of the grades received from all of the committee members eligible for evaluation.
The result of the interview is considered positive if the average grade is not lower than 3.

At the end of the third stage, a ranking list including all candidates.

Admissions results are published on the school's website as a ranked list of candidates.