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Gdańsk Tech Development Fund

zdjęcie promocyjne Funduszu rozwojowego

Resources from the development fund are allocated to the development of the staff as well as improvement of educational and research facilities of the university.

The campus of Gdańsk University of Technology is constantly changing. However, there are still places, laboratories and classrooms on the map of our university, the renovation or equipping of which cannot be financed from public funds. By financing the development of the campus with us, you will be honored with a donator's name plate.

Have you heard about Gdańsk Tech of many generations? It is the first multigenerational university in Pomerania educating children, adolescents, adults and seniors at the same time.

Support the educational and cultural development of the inhabitants of the Pomeranian Voivodeship with us. Or maybe you would like to become one of the sponsors of the Baltic Science Festival? In gratitude for your financial support, we will place your company's logo on promotional materials of our ongoing projects.

Not all of our initiatives can be financed from a ministerial subsidy or EU funds. Many interesting ideas are often left at the concept and prototyping stage, but thanks to your help and additional funds, they could be further developed, patented or implemented in industry.