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At Gdańsk University of Technology we believe that young people and science can change the world. Our students have talents and passion, they win awards in international science and sports competitions. Thanks to additional support, they can develop at Gdańsk University of Technology and turn their ideas into actions.

With the help of our graduates, friends, supporters and various stakeholder groups, we can provide scholarships, finance new research projects, equip laboratories, develop our campus, take care of renovations, carry out popular science and cultural projects, also aimed at the local community.

We want to invite you to participate in these activities. You can also have a real influence on the direction in which our university will develop. By jointly building the position of Gdańsk University of Technology in national and international rankings, we can engage scientists from abroad and increase the share of foreign students willing to study in Gdańsk. Thanks to people like you, we can do more and more so that Gdańsk University of Technology can flourish as a research university, thanks to its reputation it can attract the best, but also be a place with a unique atmosphere.

Apart from satisfaction and tax benefits, we can also offer you the possibility of promoting your company or personal brand by displaying your logo or name on the Gdańsk Tech website or around the campus, in a building or laboratory.

We invite everyone to cooperate - graduates, companies, public institutions and private persons.

Thank you for your help. Do contact us: funduszepg@pg.edu.pl