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Maintenance Office

The Technical Center (TC) carries out the operation and maintenance of electrical, lightning, teletechnical, central heating, hydraulic, gas and ventilation installations, as well as glass and locksmith works.

The tasks of the Center also include the issuance of technical conditions, settling of project documentation, handling of financial settlements in the field of media consumption (i.e. electricity, heat, water, gas, etc.) and telecommunication services.

In addition, in accordance with Rector's Decree No. 13/2010 § 5 point 2, the Center performs joint procurement - technical gases, hand and electrical tools, metal products (fasteners, nails, screws, fittings, etc.), maintenance of lifts and cranes, inspection of lightning and gas installations, purchase and inspection of firefighting equipment, chimney sweeps, telephones, telefax, teletechnical and telecommunication installation materials, telecommunication services. 

Emergency numbers

Electrical breakdown

+48 58 347 25 50

Heat breakdown

+48 58 347 15 99

Hydraulic breakdown

+48 58 348 60 71

Locksmiths breakdown

+48 58 347 13 88


Technical Maintenance Centre [65]

ul. Traugutta 99 80-221 Gdańsk

Secretariat: office 110