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Date added: 2020-09-09

Inauguration of the Economic Convention by the GUT Rector

Cartouche on the facade of the GUT's main building
The Economic Convention by the Rector of Gdańsk University of Technology - a platform for cooperation between the scientific and business community - is beginning to operate. The inaugural meeting of the convention, which consists of several dozen representatives of coastal companies and institutions, was held on 11 September  in the Fahrenheit Courtyard in the Main Building of Gdańsk University of Technology. During the meeting, nominations for membership was presented and a chairman was elected. 

The Economic Convention by the Rector of GUT is to serve as a platform for the exchange of information, consultations and expressing opinions and attitudes between the scientific community of GUT and the economic environment in all matters affecting the economic development of the country and the region, including prospective needs of employers and the labor market, cooperation of universities with state and local authorities and other entities.

In the previous term of office of the GUT authorities (since 2016), the platform for cooperation and exchange of views between the university and the business community was the activity of the Convention of Gdańsk University of Technology, the rector's advisory body, established on the basis of the Act of 27 July 2005 ‘Law on Higher Education’. The Convention adopted, among others initiatives in the field of activities related to the development of the Lower Vistula or Gdańsk post-shipyard areas, the so-called Young City, attended by representatives of the state administration and local authorities.

The convention, operating until 2018 (the new Act on Higher Education and Science of 20 July 2018 established a body with different competences - the University Council) actively participated in building mutual relations between universities and the environment and in developing GUT activities for the benefit of the economy and the Pomeranian society. Hence, many people from the economic environment turned to the GUT rector with a proposal to continue the work in a different legal formula. On 15 January 2020, the Senate of Gdańsk University of Technology gave a positive opinion on the establishment of the Economic Convention by the Rector of GUT.