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Date added: 2021-05-26

Hydrogen Technologies Center

It is the first unit of this type in Poland to offer research services related to hydrogen. It concentrates on competences in the field of processing, storing and combustion of hydrogen as well as processing energy obtained in fuel cells.  

The Center is a unit dedicated to cooperation with the industry, including the practical application of scientific achievements, and deals with comprehensive service of hydrogen projects (from the concept phase, through design solutions, modeling the manufacturing process as well as diagnostics and maintenance of the developed solutions), as well as the development and maintenance of existing technologies using hydrogen. It also offers specialized services necessary when applying for European funds, specialized expertise, for which modern diagnostic and measurement equipment is used, commissioned tests, organization of training courses.

The center's activities are focused on the following research areas:

  • fuel cell diagnostics - services of analysis and diagnostics of existing fuel systems, in particular in the field of corrosion of materials used in fuel cells. The Center has laboratories and competences to detect the causes of damage, analyze the structure of cells in terms of resistance to pollution or determine methods of their maintenance.
  • hydrogen storage (chemical hydrogen storage) - the use of chemicals that are easy to synthesize from synthesis gas, hydrogen and waste carbon dioxide, and also easily converted to hydrogen, including methanol and dimethyl ether. Research on new catalysts for hydrocarbon reforming (including biogas) and obtaining compounds from synthesis gas, waste carbon dioxide and hydrogen from electrolysis. Development of optimization methods for reforming processes, dimethyl ether synthesis and purification of hydrogen-containing gas streams.
  • hydrogen production (biohydrogen) - improving the biohydrogen production process, conducting research on determining the potential of biohydrogen production from waste, including the selection of raw material pretreatment methods, optimization of biohydrogen production process parameters, process analytics. Special sensor arrays for monitoring the production process have also been developed, and can be used in the purification of gaseous fermentation products. Post-fermentation waste management.
  • energy production (functional coatings) - designing protective structures for fuel cells through e.g. covering with layers of mechanical interconnectors. Design of materials and nanomaterials for use as catalytic coatings to increase the efficiency of fuel cells.
  • energy conversion (automation / power engineering) - design, construction and diagnostics of power electronic converters. Design of electric drive control systems for electric cars and traction vehicles. Solutions and services can be used in electricity storage, rectifiers dedicated to electrochemical batteries and electric vehicle charging stations.
  • modeling of hydrogen processes (modeling / decision support systems / artificial intelligence) - the area is represented by an experienced team of IT specialists who prepare simulation, predictive and decision support models regarding the processing and use of hydrogen in fuel cells. The solutions created use achievements in the field of artificial intelligence. Experience in creating industrial platforms for secure data collection and processing in Industry 4.0 installations using IoT devices and blockchain networks.