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Date added: 2022-09-13

Almost 500 international students from 39 countries – admission for international students

Almost 500 international students from 39 countries were admitted to study at Gdańsk University of Technology in the academic year 2022/2023.

The number of international students is one of the important indicators taken into account when assessing the degree of internationalization of universities. A larger number of international students affects, inter alia, factors such as increasing the competitiveness of study programs and enhancing the intercultural and linguistic competencies of employees and students.

Gdańsk University of Technology, as one of the leading Polish technical universities, is willingly chosen by international students looking for good-quality education and then an attractive career path. The seaside location and relatively low maintenance costs are additional advantages that attract students from almost all over the world to Gdańsk.

Recruitment summary

Additional admission for foreigners lasts until September 11, but the results of the main recruitment can be summarized today (the final number of new international students will be known at the beginning of the academic year. It happens that for various reasons - formal, personal or other, the admitted students withdraw from studying at Gdańsk Tech).

As part of this year's admission, 471 international students were admitted to Gdańsk University of Technology, including students from: Belarus (111), Spain (101), Ukraine (79), France (45), Italy (22), Turkey (15), Germany (11), China (11), Lithuania (8), Portugal (7), Nigeria (6), Russia (6), Bangladesh (6) and a dozen other countries. This year Gdańsk Tech will also have new international students from Mexico, United States and Honduras.

More than a half of nearly 500 students who will start studying at Gdańsk Tech in October, are full-cycle students. The rest will come to Gdańsk under the Erasmus+ program.

The most popular among international candidates were studies at the faculties of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics (149), Management and Economics (118) and Mechanical Engineering and Ship Technology (71).

Almost 2/3 of the newly admitted students will study programs in English (it is worth noting that studies in English are chosen not only by students from Western Europe, Africa, Asia or America, but also more and more often by students from Ukraine or Belarus).

Full-cycle students

Among almost 500 newly admitted students, 270 are admitted to the full-cycle studies, including 214 starting first-cycle studies and 56 second-cycle studies. These numbers include students from i.a. Belarus (111), Ukraine (79), China (11), Lithuania (8), Bangladesh (6), Nigeria (6), Russia (6), but also from India, Ethiopia, Iran, and even Mexico and the United States.

This academic year, the largest number of international students will be accepted by the faculties of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics (128), Management and Economics (53) and Mechanical Engineering and Ship Technology (38). The vast majority of new students - almost 200, will study programs in Polish.

Erasmus+ students

As every year, Gdańsk University of Technology was willingly chosen by incoming students encouraged by the opportunities offered in the Erasmus+ program. The largest number of new Erasmus students will come to Gdańsk Tech in October from the following countries: Spain (101), France (45), Italy (22), Turkey (15), Germany (11) and Portugal (7). Single students will also come to Gdańsk from Belgium, Estonia, Greece, Jordan, Latvia, Ukraine and Great Britain. Erasmus+ students will appear at all Gdańsk Tech faculties, but most of them will be accepted by the faculties of Management and Economics (65), Mechanical Engineering and Ship Technology (33) and Architecture (30).

In solidarity with Ukraine

Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, this year's admission for studies was different than in previous years. Special activities, both at the university and national level, were directed to candidates for studies from beyond our eastern border.

 In addition to regular recruitment to first and second-cycle studies, as part of which we accepted 17 students from Ukraine, Gdańsk University of Technology also launched the "Solidarity with Ukraine" program addressed to those candidates who came to Poland after February 24, 2022 and were covered by temporary protection under the Act of March 12, 2022. As part of this program, which was available to applicants for the first-cycle studies, 39 students were admitted by the decision of the Rector of Gdańsk Tech  says Monika Czerepak, Deputy Head of the International Relations Office.

Students who had to stop their studies in Ukraine due to the war could take advantage of the adaptation course organized by IRO as part of a project co-financed by the "Solidarity with Ukraine" program of the National Agency for Academic Exchange. During the summer holidays, 23 students participated in an intensive course of Polish, mathematics, physics and physical education. From October, the graduates of the course will start regular studies at Gdańsk Tech.

In total, 79 students from Ukraine will start their studies at Gdańsk University of Technology from October.

First days of new students at Gdańsk Tech

As every year, the International Relations Office will help newly admitted international students in the first days of their stay in Gdańsk and at the university. The Welcome Office team already supports the first students coming to Poland in the process of legalizing their stay in Poland and registration in Gdańsk. Additionally, IRO employees responsible for recruiting international students will verify the originals of recruitment documents provided by the newly admitted students. Similarly to previous years, also this year IRO will invite students to an information meeting (Welcome Meeting), which  will take place on September 30, 2022.