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Date added: 2022-09-20

Fulbright grantee, Prof. Andy Felt at the Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics

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Professor Andy Felt is a scholar of the Polish-US Fulbright Commission. In the upcoming academic year, he will teach at the Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics of Gdańsk Tech. He will deliver curriculum classes for our faculty students and two courses open to all students of the Fahrenheit Universities. Andy Felt will share his knowledge and experience in modelling for decision-making and PBL also with staff members of Gdańsk Tech.

Andy Felt is a Professor of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (UWSP) in the USA. At UWSP, Professor Felt teaches courses in Operations Research, game theory, and computing. He is the Director of the UWSP Center for Athletic Scheduling, a group of undergraduate students who provide athletic schedules to college conferences across the USA using integer linear programming techniques. Professor Felt has sponsored over 30 undergraduate student presentations based on independent work. He won the first UWSP Excellence in Teaching, Scholarship, and Service award. Before joining UWSP, Andy worked as a petroleum engineer and computer programmer.

In the winter semester, professor Felt will teach Introductory modelling, for decision-making using AMPL for 3 ECTS credit points, with English asthe language of instruction, open to all FarU students. This course will be a combination of courses on operations research and discrete mathematics. Designed to be offered without prerequisites, the course will cover a variety of ways to model decision-making. Professor Felt will teach the solution of these problems in AMPL, a mathematical programming language (with a free academic license). This will allow the students to reach the level of problems that are real.

Enrollment in this course is open till September, 28. The number of students is limited to 20, so hurry up and book your place by filling in the registration form  https://forms.pg.edu.pl/01GCE9EGZT21CE60BHCSSTW125

In the summer semester, Professor Felt will teach a follow-up course using a PBL method (Project/ Problem Based Learning). It will help students gain new skills concerning decision-making processes. During those classes, students will have a chance to solve real problems concerning our faculties, units and universities. It will be focused on giving ambitious students the chance to work on a mentored project, either in groups or individually. In the modelling and projects courses, Professor Felt offers students unique experiences. The modelling techniques he is using are still new enough that they are not commonly

taught. Exposure to this kind of problem-solving power tends to be eye-opening for students. 

Soon, subject cards for both courses with details on the contents and learning outcomes will appear in MojaPG. If you have any questions, contact Magdalena Topp (magdalena.topp@pg.edu.pl) from the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics or dr. Justyna Szostak (justyna.szostak@pg.edu.pl), who supports our scholar.

Apart from teaching, Professor Felt will collaborate with the Rector’s Internationalization Committee of Gdańsk Tech. We hope that his visit will be the first step towards a joint international study program offered by Gdańsk Tech and UW-Stevens Point.