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Date added: 2022-10-14

The National Education Day – 14th October

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The National Education Day is celebrated on the anniversary of the establishment of the National Education Commission in 1773 – the first in Europe ministry of education – which undertook the task of reforming education in Poland. It is a celebration of all education employees who deal with the difficult, yet extremely rewarding task of educating the next generations.

On this occasion, we express our appreciation to all the academic teachers and employees of Gdańsk University of Technology, who support the educational process through their daily work and wish them further success in teaching and research, unwavering enthusiasm in sharing knowledge, curiosity to meet new generations of their students and guide them through the world of science and research.
National Education Day is also a celebration for pupils and students. Let studies be a time for you to discover your passions and strengthen your talents.

            Prof. Krzysztof Wilde, rector of Gdańsk University of Technology

            Board of the Polish Teachers' Union at Gdańsk University of Technology

           Company branch of the Solidarity  Trade Union NSZZ Solidarność at Gdańsk Tech