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Date added: 2023-03-24

Cycling to university? But of course!

On 3 April the second edition of the "Cycling to university" campaign is launched. We invite all employees, students and doctoral students of Gdańsk Tech to join this action and change their transport habits.

The campaign is aimed at both active cyclists and those who think that commuting to work by bike, scooter or personal transport device (PTD) is not for them. Remember that you can get to university in many different ways, using more than one means of transport. Thanks to bicycle racks or park&ride transfer car parks, we can cover part of the route to Gdańsk Tech on two wheels, and then change to SKM, tram or bus. Attractive gifts that will be available for completing 70, 150 and 220 journeys to/from work should be a perfect encouragement to participate in the campaign. Moreover, prizes will be awarded to three participants with the most trips and the participant who covers the most kilometers. Prizes will be awarded to both employees and students.

– When we switch to a bicycle, we act in favour of our health, because our body gets a portion of intense exercise in the fresh air. And at the same time, we contribute to reducing traffic jams and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. One bike, so many bonuses - says Kajetan Lewandowski from the Center for Strategic Analysis, one of the originators of the campaign.

Last year's edition of the campaign, which lasted from May to September, gathered 263 users who traveled a total of 90,733 km. This distance corresponds to more than 25 times circling Poland along its borders. This year, the campaign will last until October 30!

How to join?

You need to register on the website, and then you can add your rides through MojaPG. Registration lasts from 23 March to the last day of the campaign, but we encourage you not to delay and join as soon as possible. Those registered last year will not have to do it again.

After the end of the campaign, we invite all participants to the final gala with the participation of the University authorities, during which the most perseverant participants will be awarded.

Cycling to the University? Great idea! Join the campaign! And if you have any questions, write to us: