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Date added: 2023-03-28

Nuclear energy in modern economy – new postgraduate studies

Nuclear Power
Gdańsk University of Technology has started admission for postgraduate studies: Nuclear energy in modern economy. This is a response to the need for experts in this field in connection with the energy transformation. Applications are accepted until 14 April.

The energy transition leading to zero-emission energy supply systems is a serious challenge facing modern economy. One of the key technologies in this transformation is nuclear energy. Poland, as a potential investor in the latest generation nuclear units, needs competent staff to assess the rationality of development projects, investment implementation, as well as those with the skills to safely operate nuclear power plants.

Gdańsk University of Technology, meeting these challenges, announces recruitment for postgraduate studies - Nuclear power in modern economy. The unit directly responsible for the studies is the Gdańsk Tech Center for Nuclear Energy.

Stationary and on-line

Studies (part-time) are aimed primarily at people who have previously graduated from higher education in technical faculties (such as, for example, electrical engineering, power engineering, mechanics, physics, chemistry).

Classes will be held from 15 April to 10 December 2023 (with a summer break in July-September). A total of ten meetings are planned, five each in the summer and winter semesters. They will be held at 8.30-16.00, on Saturdays on campus, and on Sundays on-line meeting are planned.


The study program is divided into ten thematic blocks:

  • Legal aspects and the role of nuclear energy in the energy transition and maintaining energy security
  • Evaluation of investment profitability and project management in nuclear energy
  • Environmental aspects and social communication. Radiological protection and health aspects of using nuclear energy
  • Thermal flow machines in nuclear power plants
  • Classical and unconventional energy sources in the power system
  • Safety of nuclear power plants
  • Economics of construction and operation of nuclear power plants
  • Fundamentals of reactor theory and nuclear energy technologies
  • Management of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel

This program will be implemented by teaching staff consisting of experienced employees of the Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Ship Technology of Gdańsk Tech, as well as external specialists, such as the president of the Energy Regulatory Office, the president of the National Atomic Energy Agency and the president of Polish Nuclear Power Plants.

Admission rules and deadlines

Admission will last until 14 April. Applications are accepted at: (secretariat of the Department of Electrical Power Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering).