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Date added: 2023-05-23

Four Gdańsk Tech researchers among 100 outstanding young scientists

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Mikolaj Nowak, PhD, Eng., Katarzyna Drozdowska, MSc. Eng. , Sabina Szymczak MSc. Eng., and Krzysztof Wołoszyk , PhD, Eng., have been awarded in the START scholarship program of the Foundation for Polish Science. FPS scholarship holders conduct research in the field of electrical engineering, electronics, economics and mechanics.

Scholarships are awarded to outstanding young scientists at the beginning of their scientific career, who have documented achievements in their field of research.

Mikołaj Nowak, PhD, Eng., Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering, field of electrical engineering

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Research interests of Mikołaj Nowak, PhD, Eng. include directed energy systems and their application to neutralize electronic threats, impulse systems with high power and energy density, systems for wireless transmission of electricity, power electronics and industrial electronics, as well as unconventional electrotechnical materials. He is the author of technical solutions unique on an international scale in the field of high-power impulse generation and formation.

He implements projects in the field of national security and defense, and actively cooperates with the industry and international institutions related to electronic security.

Katarzyna Drozdowska, MSc,, Eng., Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics, electronics

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In her research work, Katarzyna Drozdowska MSc,, Eng. deals primarily with the search for low-dimensional materials (including carbon materials such as graphene or nanotubes, but also inorganic two-dimensional structures) that can work as gas-sensitive layers. These layers serve as the main components of resistive sensors or those that operate in a field-effect transistor (FET) or Schottky diode configuration.

She carries out her doctoral research as a scholarship holder in the project of the National Science Center entitled "Gas detection system using sensors made of materials with a two-dimensional structure", led by prof. Janusz Smulko.

Sabina Szymczak, MSc., Eng., Faculty of Management and Economics, economics

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Sabina Szymczak, MSc., Eng. is working on her doctoral dissertation entitled "International production fragmentation and its impact on labor market outcomes" under the supervision of Joanna Wolszczak-Derlacz, PhD, DSc, professor at Gdańsk Tech.

Her scientific interests concern global value chains (GVC), and the subject of her scientific work includes the microeconomic consequences of changes in the organization of production in the world, in particular the impact of GVC on employment, wages and resource efficiency. She also conducts research on the importance of the country's position in the production chain and the link between the sector's involvement in GVC and the inflow of foreign direct investment.

Currently, she is one of the contractors in the RETHINK-GSC (Horizon-Europe) research project.

Krzysztof Wołoszyk, MSc., Eng., Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Ship Technology, mechanics

Fot. Paweł Bielski

The main goal of the research conducted by Krzysztof Wołoszyk, PhD, is to determine the impact of aging effects on the strength of thin-walled metal structural elements.

He leads a project funded by the National Science Center (Preludium), in which he checks the impact of corrosion on the strength of structures to improve the safety of ships at the design stage. He also plans further studies, the aim of which is to take into account the effects affecting the risk of damage to the ship's hull structure. He is also a contractor in the National Science Center (Sonata) project on the diagnosis of corroded structures using non-destructive methods.