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Date added: 2023-05-23

Scientists obtain funding under the MINIATURA competition

Young scientists
The National Science Center has published the first results of the seventh edition of the MINIATURA competition. Gdańsk University of Technology received the most – as many as five grants for research activities. All Gdańsk Tech winners represent the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Projects from Gdańsk University of Technology qualified for funding:

  • Scientific internship at the University of Massachusetts Lowell carried out to work on experimental tasks regarding functionally graded nanocomposites, project leader: Mohammad Malikan, PhD, Eng., grant amount: PLN 49.5 thousand zloty
  • Identification of material parameters of wood - experimental research, statistical and numerical analysis, Anna Pestka, PhD, Eng., 34.1 thousand zloty
  • The impact of tram traffic on rail wear and the emission of heavy metals into the environment in the vicinity of the tram route, Jacek Szmagliński, PhD, Eng., 49.8 thousand zloty
  • Analysis of the influence of the rotational stiffness of column bases with simultaneous consideration of the elasticity of the subsoil on the seismic response and safety of buildings with a steel structure, Tomasz Falborski, PhD, Eng., 31.3 thousand zloty
  • Development of a full HSI model of a two-legged pedestrian taking into account the interaction between pedestrians and the construction of a footbridge, Anna Banaś, PhD, Eng., 49.9 thousand zloty.

As part of the MINIATURA competition, funding is awarded (in the amount of PLN 5.000 to 50.000) for preliminary and pilot research, queries, research internships, research and consulting trips. 49 researchers received funding in this stage of the competition.