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Date added: 2024-02-20

The Northern Technical University delegation visiting Gdańsk Tech

Photo: Gdańsk Tech
On February 5th, Gdańsk Tech University hosted a delegation from the Northern Technical University (Mosul, Iraq). The purpose of the meeting was to establish cooperation in various areas such as the exchange of students and academic staff, as well as research cooperation.

Northern Technical University (NTU) was established in 2014 and is one of four public technical universities in Iraq. There are over 40,400 students enrolled at NTU, including 40,000 first-cycle students, 400 second-cycle students, and over 250 PhD students. The University offers studies in 20 fields conducted across 14 colleges and institutes distributed across the northern region of Iraq. The University conducts education in the fields of engineering, agriculture, administration, and medicine.  

The NTU delegation was headed by Prof. Dr. Alyaa Abbas Ali, President, who was accompanied by Asst. Dr. Omar Rafae Mahmood Al Omar (Vice-Chancellor for Scientific Affairs), Dr. Hassan Messar Qassim Alaswad (Director of Scholarships and Cultural Relations), Dr. Soud Mohamed Amen (International Cultural Relations Director), Dr. Harith A. Hamdoon Hamoodat (Head of Information Technology Department), Dr. Zaid Hazim Hussein Al-Saffar (Quality Assurance Officer), Mr. Aws Idrees Mahmoud (Security Control Director), and Dr. Nabeel Mukhlif A.Abdulrqzzaq (Director of Quality Assurance Office). Representing Gdańsk Tech were Prof. Krzysztof Wilde, Rector, Prof. Janusz Nieznański, Vice-Rector for Internationalization and Innovation, Prof. Małgorzata Gawrycka (Dean of the Faculty of Management and Economics), Prof. Agata Kot-Wasik (Dean of Faculty of Chemistry), Prof. Mariusz Deja (Vice-dean for Cooperation, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Ship Technology), Prof. Christian Jungnickel (Rectors Representative for Cooperation with Asian Higher Education Institutions), Prof. Paweł Możejko (FTIMS, Director of the Institute of Physics and Applied Computer Science), Prof. Jakub Karczewski (FTIMS, Director Of The Institute Of Nanotechnology And Materials Engineering), Mrs. Anna Modrzejewska (Head of International Relations Office), and Mrs. Rong Li (Liaison of Asian Affairs, International Relations Office).

The main topics of the meeting held in the Senate Hall were cooperation within the scope of student and academic staff exchange and the implementation of joint research projects. The meeting concluded with the ceremonial signing of the Memorandum of Understanding, which serves as a prelude to further collaboration between both universities in the near future. 

Apart from meeting the university authorities, the guests from NTU also visited research facilities at the Faculty of Management and Economics, Faculty of Chemistry, Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics, and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Ship Technology.

During their visit to Gdańsk Tech, the NTU delegation also met with Barbara Urbańska from the Strategic Analysis Center to exchange knowledge and experiences regarding the measurement of education quality at both universities. 

At the end of their visit, the guests from Northern Technical University expressed recognition for the achievements of Gdańsk Tech and their desire to continue the collaboration.