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Date added: 2024-02-29

Open Education Week 2024

Open week
Every year in the first week of March, Open Education Week is celebrated around the world, this year's edition will take place on March 4-8, 2024. The aim of the week is to raise awareness, present initiatives and celebrate the impact of open education on teaching and learning. During Open Education Week, online and local events are organized, such as workshops, webinars, discussions and debates.

This year, Gdańsk Tech University librarians invite everyone, including students and academic teachers, to two short training sessions devoted to open educational resources.

The first training, on March 5, will be dedicated to free academic textbooks that can be found on the Internet, legally downloaded and used during classes at the university. The second one will take place on March 7 and present platforms with online courses designed by leading world universities, which will certainly help you acquire knowledge and consolidate acquired skills.

The training will be online via the MS Teams platform and on-site in the library’s multimedia room in the main building of Gdańsk Tech University. To participate in the meeting, simply click the link or come to the multimedia room. The training will be conducted in Polish at 1030 and English at 1130. It will take approximately 20 minutes.

Training | Open academic textbooks at your fingertips
When | 5 March 1130
Where | online
             or room 100/4 (Main Building)

Training | Open online courses – professional knowledge for everyone
When | 7 March 1130
Where | online
             or room 100/4 (Main Building)